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Summer Reading!

Our summer reading is underway, and more children are signing up every day. The prizes we are able to offer the kids for achieving their goals are wonderful, and wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our local businesses. Some examples are a coupon for a slice of pizza from John's Italian Restaurant located at 570 Hamlin Highway in Hamlin, and a free cheeseburger at the local McDonald's in Hamlin.

It isn't all food, though. There are kites and jump ropes and other types of toys. Come on in to get started. We aren't just encouraging reading, we're encouraging learning!

The other part of the summer program are STEM program activities that we give to each participant, and you can earn prizes for completing those as well.

Don't let the summer pass by without an opportunity to earn some fun prizes and even learn a thing or two!


518 Easton Turnpike,

Lake Ariel, PA 18436, USA

Phone (570) 689-0903

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