• Hamlin Community Library


Updated: Apr 20, 2021

July 30, 2020

The Hamlin Community Library is open, and the staff has been working hard to ensure everyone’s safety. This includes the use of masks by everyone on the premises, increased sanitation, and new procedures for using the facilities and checking out books.

During the shutdown, the Board of Directors has also been working closely with the Wayne Library Alliance and the Northeast Library District to ensure that we are operating in the most efficient and effective way to benefit our community.

George Waters, Board president said, “The Board of Directors has used the time during the pandemic to reassess our needs for the future. We are putting in place new systems and procedures to bring our practices current with other libraries throughout Pennsylvania. Our goal is to continue to grow our library in order to better meet the needs of our community.”

Fundraising remains a critical focus in order for the library to expand its collection and provide programs to benefit our public. Lynn Scramuzza, Library Director said, “Our talented and capable staff are excited to now manage book sales and fundraising activities going forward. Every dollar we receive from the community will go directly back to making our library vibrant and competitive.”

Monetary donations are welcome at any time. Please make checks payable to Hamlin Community Library. If you have books you would like to donate, please call ahead. Due to space limitations, the library cannot always accept physical donations. If donated books do not fit the needs of the library collection, they will be offered for sale at an upcoming event. Thank you for you continued support of our library.

For additional information or questions:

Carol McManus